Graph : 8 Tips for Training a Difficult Dog [INFOGRAPHIC]Adopting a dog…

Infographic : 8 Tips for Training a Difficult Dog [INFOGRAPHIC]Adopting a dog…

8 Tips for Training a Difficult Dog [INFOGRAPHIC]

Adopting a dog can be a joy, but sometimes it can feel more
light a nightmare. An unruly, difficult dog can do a lot of damage to your
property, sleep schedule, and mental health.

But even the most difficult dogs can be trained, if you know
the right techniques.

One of the hardest habits to form while training a difficult dog is to
not repeat commands if they disregard them. If you tell your dog to sit, stay,
speak, or another command, but they just look at you blankly, there is a good
chance that they fully understand you and are choosing not to obey. Repeating
those commands over and over just teaches them that they do not have to respond
right away, which only makes them less obedient. Instead, try walking away.
Your dog will immediately recognize the rejection and take it as a temporary
punishment, which helps the lesson stick.

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