Graph : Absenteeism & Presenteeism: Why It Matters To Your Business

Infographic : Absenteeism & Presenteeism: Why It Matters To Your Business

Understanding the differences between absenteeism and presenteeism in the workplace, as well as how to fight them, are absolutely crucial when it comes to both employee engagement and productivity. But to understand the differences, they must first be defined. Absenteeism is when employees have an unplanned absence from work, while presenteeism is when employees are present at work, but they aren’t actually working or being productive. Both absenteeism and presenteeism can cost organizations monumentals amounts of money, not to mention the negative effect they can have on workplace wellness. This infographic dives into absenteeism and presenteeism, covering why it goes up and how it goes down, along with the yearly rates and costs of both in the US and the UK. To wrap things up, it features tips from industry experts on exactly how to fight absenteeism and presenteeism in the workplace.

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