Graph : Parts of a Home Sewer System [INFOGRAPHIC]For most homeowners,…

Infographic : Parts of a Home Sewer System [INFOGRAPHIC]For most homeowners,…

Parts of a Home Sewer System [INFOGRAPHIC]

For most homeowners, their sewer system is out of sight and
out of mind. But what happens when your sewer starts to act up?

The fact is, most homeowners don’t know the first thing
about their sewer system. Most of the time that’s perfectly fine, but when
you’re dealing with clogs, leaks, and the effects of municipal sewer work, it
can make things worse. Gaining a basic understanding of your sewer system
allows you to make better, more informed decisions about its maintenance and

For example, video sewer inspection services are becoming more popular
because they’re minimally invasive, but they’re not available for every
property. The inspection cameras need to be inserted through a property line or
main cleanout, and some require a main cleanout specifically. Calling a plumber
out for an inspection when you don’t have the necessary access is a good way to
waste a dispatch fee, or at least your time.

Source: Plumbing Solutions in Concord, CA

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