Infographic : Best of the visualisation web… December 2020

Infographic : Best of the visualisation web… December 2020

At the end of each month I pull together a collection of links to some of the most relevant, interesting or thought-provoking web content I’ve come across during the previous month. Here’s the latest collection from December 2020.

Notes: the items listed may not have been necessarily published during this month, rather discovered during the month. Some links point to paywall items. The details shown below label the platform/site each item is published on – not necessarily the actual author – and a brief selective description.

Visualisations & Infographics

Covering latest visualisation, infographic or other related design works.

Nightingale | ‘My Plastic Footprint: a Physical Data Visualisation Project’

C82 | ‘A Brief Visual Exploration of “A Dictionary of Typography”‘

David Bauer | ‘Vaccination Flags — the more people are vaccinated, the more colour returns.*’

New York Times | ‘Who Gets to Breathe Clean Air in New Delhi?’

@maartenlambrechts | December is the mega-month of lists so rather than duplicate, let me point you to Maarten’s terrific annual compilation of the various ‘best works of 2020’ lists

Mundo Deportivo | ‘Messi surpasses the record of goals of Pelé in a club’ [Translated]

Nightingale | ‘“Not on our watch.”’

New York Times | ‘Chinatown, Resilient and Proud’

Pudding | ‘The historical cost of light’

@AmyCesal | ‘I had the great pleasure of being an instructor for the data viz @MICA_MPS program and I helped students develop their capstone projects. Some of the amazing projects they accomplished in this thread!’

@adamrpearce | ‘Why Some Models Leak Data’

Tableau Public | ‘Daily Social Distancing Hoodies’ by Chris DeMartini

Reuters | ‘World’s biggest iceberg heads for disaster’

Financial Times | ‘How London grew into a financial powerhouse’

New York Times | ‘Masks Work. Really. We’ll Show you How’ (with an AR surprise feature at the end)

@ksituan | For some countries, a cartogram doesn’t quite work out…

@maartenzam | ‘…the slo-mo on this animated chart is like an annotation on a static chart’

The Guardian | ‘Covid chaos: how the UK handled the coronavirus crisis’

@sdbernard | ‘It’s that time of year where I share my favourite maps.’

@PostGraphics | ‘This has been a hard year for everyone, and we want to recognize the incredible work our colleagues have done through it all.’

@blprnt | “Whatcha doing today?” “Making birds.” “What?” “Making birds.” [Thread]


These are references to written articles, discourse or interviews about visualisation.

The Guardian | ‘Go figure: how Britain became a nation of armchair statisticians’

@maartenzam | ‘Yesterday datvislisbao was so kind to host me, and let me ramble about 10 of my maps and the tools I used to make them.’

Design Week | ‘How can design help communicate the Covid vaccination roll out?’

POCIT | People Of Color in Tech, Episode 29 with Mona Chalabi

Observablehq | ‘Reflecting on “Vote Cones”’

GISPO | ‘#30DayMapChallenge 2020 – bigger and better!’

@ECONdailycharts | ‘Digital humanities started as a niche pursuit. Now, it is advancing, and growing rapidly. Here’s how it could change the way we study the arts’

Nightingale | ‘Telling Stories With Data & Music: Exploring a new approach to sonification’

Learning & Development

These links cover presentations, tutorials, podcasts, academic papers, case-studies, how-tos etc.

Art The Science | ‘Science Artist Residency: Between the Sand’

@MeasurablesPod | Podcast with Norwich City First Team Data Analyst Rob Suddaby, discussing ‘making the career change to sports analytics, working with data visualization tools like Tableau, and more!’

@borism | ‘The SENSES team at @uclab_potsdam has been doing truly amazing work! The team has launched a new learn module on climate change scenarios – every week!’

Reflections in Design | ‘Viz For Social Good – Part 2, The Build’

Youtube | ‘Update Excel Charts in InDesign Documents ft. Nolan Haims’

C82 | ‘Making of A Brief Visual Exploration of A Dictionary of Typography’

Subject News

Includes announcements within the field, such as new sites or resources, new book titles and other notable developments.



Any other items that may or may not be directly linked to data visualisation but might have a data, technology or visual theme.

Washington Post | ‘What negative candle reviews might say about the coronavirus’

Bartosz Ciechanowski | ‘Cameras and Lenses’

@presentcorrect | ‘Typology of Lego Computers.’

New York Times | ‘What Does History Smell Like?’

The Athletic | ‘Explained: The 10 Commandments of football analytics’

Typesetting | ‘Typesetting is an archive of publicly sourced images of found typography in the Leeds area.’

BBC | ‘The secret artists creating miniature buildings for street mice’

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