Infographic : Explore Explain S2 E8: Craig Taylor

Infographic : Explore Explain S2 E8: Craig Taylor

I’m delighted to launch the second season of Explore Explain, a long-form video and podcast series about data visualisation design.

For episode eight it was a pleasure to welcome Craig Taylor, Senior Data Visualisation Design Manager at Ito World. We had a detailed conversation about the data, design, and production story behind a ‘data art’-inspired video he created called ‘Transit in Motion’, which was released in June 2020.

To find out more information about how to listen, view and subscribe to the audio and video versions of this episode, and to view the full list episodes, visit the podcast page.

Video Conversation

You can watch this episode on the dedicated Explore Explain Youtube channel or through using the embedded player below.

Audio Conversation

The audio podcast is published across all common platforms (such as Apple, Acast, Spotify etc.), which means you will find this series listed in the respective directories through a simple search for ‘Explore Explain’.

You can directly reach the podcast on ANY platform by manually adding this url – – or by clicking this link if you’re reading this on a phone browser.

Here are further links to some of the key resources mentioned during this episode:

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