Infographic : How to share verified credentials on the blockchain Infographic

Infographic : How to share verified credentials on the blockchain Infographic

Blockchain is a foundation that is best known for allowing the development of cryptocurrency due to its inherent security.

What is exciting about blockchain is that it allows a secure form of verification to enable systems that need to verify identity in many different applications.

The applications for this verification can be applied to finances, voting and the amendment of official documents, such as land registry.

Blockchain can also be applied to, and used to verify academic records – no more faking university diplomas.

Blockchain credentials for academia infographic from ODEM is a short graphic that accompanies an article about how blockchain technology can assist academic institutions by being able to verify credentials more securely and quickly.

Design (4)
The design uses a five-step guide to explain the process. Each step is clearly numbered and the coloured background is pleasing but not overwhelming.

Typography (2)
The headline title is clear and all copy is readable.

Illustration (4)
A pleasing graphic using detailed illustration for each step.

Content (2)
The information attempts to present complicated information about how a blockchain works in basic steps. The content is very niche and relevant to the audience.

Overall score – 3 out of 5
A pleasing graphic that well-illustrates the in-depth article that it supports.

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