Infographic : My book is being reviewed at the ‘Data Vis Book Club’

Infographic : My book is being reviewed at the ‘Data Vis Book Club’

I’m really happy that my book “Data Visualisation – A Handbook for Data Driven Design; second edition” will be the subject of the next Data Vis Book Club, hosted and organised by Lisa Charlotte Rost of Datawrapper.

The book review discussion will be held on Tuesday, 12th of May at 5pm UTC (6pm UK time) and will take place, digitally, here using the notepad platform to collectively share thoughts, ideas and surprises.

Rather than attempt to cover the whole book, Lisa asked me to select five crucial chapters that are fundamental to or representative of the book’s aims. I have selected chapters 1, 2, 3, 5 and 8. I was tempted by Chapter 6, as it is perhaps the literal and figurative centrepiece of the book, but it is a large chapter and for the scope of this book club I think the chapters dominated more by written sections makes more sense.

To fully learn how the book club works, please visit Lisa’s detailed post, but here are the headlines prompts she is ask to consider ahead of the conversation:

1 What was your general impression of the book? Would you recommend working through it, and if so, to whom?

2 What was most inspiring, insightful or surprising while you worked through the book? What did you learn that you didn’t expect to?

3 Having read the book, what will you do differently the next time you visualize data?

Attendees can then post 1-2 sentence answers into the notes to collectively build up this structured and constructive review. After going through these questions in the first ~45 minutes, I will then also join the session to answer any specific questions you might have about the book.

** You can learn more about where to get the book over here! **

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