Infographic : My new book is published!

Infographic : My new book is published!

I’m delighted to share news that my new book, the second edition of ‘Data Visualisation: A Handbook for Data Driven Design’, is printed, officially published and now available to order!

The aim of this book is to help people to become better visual communicators of data through the optimisation of creative, analytical and contextual decision-making. To find out more, visit my dedicated book page.

The first edition was published in Summer 2016 which means the last writing I did for that was around December 2015. Although the fundamental intent and structure of the first edition remain in this second edition, three years elapsing in the visualisation field offers plenty of scope to find new ways to express ideas, to identify and edit some sections of ragged language, and also to refresh some of the examples images to represent contemporary references. It also gives me reason to revisit the companion digital resources (that are accessible to all).

You can order the book now through Sage Publishing. It will be available on Amazon (UK) from 20th August. It should be available on Amazon around the same date across other European regions. Outside of Europe, the book should be available from the 9th September on and other North/South American regions. There is a similar release date in the USA through Barnes and Noble. People in Australia and New Zealand can get a copy through Footprint from early September.

I will add further links and details of other places to buy the book, on this book page, when I get them.

Unless you are a committed completist collector of books, if you already have the first edition you may not need to invest in this new edition as well. If you are buying this text for the first time, then this is the best edition to go for.

Please note the hardback copies are intended for libraries whereby they need to be a little more physically robust to protect the condition of the book for long term usage. Far fewer hardback copies are printed which means that the individual unit cost is higher than would normally be found with the higher volume print runs of the paperback version.

I’d like to thank Sage for giving me the opportunity to update this text and to all readers who have already bought the first edition and those who may invest in this second edition.

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