Infographic : Please consider submitting a book review!

Infographic : Please consider submitting a book review!

I’ve been delighted to see positive response to my new book, the second edition of ‘Data Visualisation: A Handbook for Data Driven Design’ which came out a few months ago. I am really thankful for the spreading-of-the-word created by people who have received a copy of the book kindly posting about it on social media (exhibit A, B and C).

This is an appeal for anyone who has read the book to consider taking a few moments from their busy schedules to submit a rating and possibly a short review on any book store they normally use, whether that be Amazon, Sage, Barnes & Noble or anywhere else.

The endorsement of a positive rating and short review is invaluable and hugely appreciated by us authors. As we approach Christmas, it can be especially helpful to help convince people looking for a gift or seeking to spend a voucher that this book could be one worth investing in!

For those who have already submitted positive reviews, thank you so much, and the very same to anyone else who now joins them in doing so.

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