Infographic : Seeking a UK-based freelance AV producer/editor

Infographic : Seeking a UK-based freelance AV producer/editor

I am about to resume work on my Explore Explain podcast and video series, with a second season of nine episodes.

A big difference from Season One is that I have unfortunately lost the exceptional producing and editing services of my long-time collaborator, Matt Knott, who has selfishly 🙂 gone and got himself a brilliant new job that rightly now dominates all his time and efforts. I was keen to take the opportunity to improve my skills using media editing software but my time is becoming increasingly stretched this side of Christmas. I am therefore seeking help!

This post is to announce my wish to work with a UK-based freelance audio-visual producer/editor.

I appreciate there are a spectrum of different labels attached to this kind of work but essentially I need somebody with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition experience to edit and produce my video and audio content.

As with Season One, there will be nine episodes and they will all recorded over the next couple of months with the target of publishing them, weekly, by the end of the calendar year. Each episode is based around a video conversation with one (or maybe two) guests, with video post-production required to insert relevant visuals to accompany the thrust of the conversation. The podcast output is simply the audio recording version of the video conversation.

Although there are other reasons, I have stipulated UK-based primarily because there may be value in being able to meet-up in person (at some point, when safe, convenient or necessary), possibly not for the immediate Season Two work but, if things mutually work well, I may continue to record and publish two seasons per calendar year.

I know there are many talented sound and video technicians gravely affected by the impact of social distancing restrictions on their work. I would therefore be particularly keen to help any interested and capable person who may be experiencing a decline in their current work opportunities. I have a budget allocated for this work, it is not unpaid work, and I would need the support to commence around the third week of October.

Any interested, available, and capable potential candidates should get in touch with me on email via and I’ll run through more details of the work involved and what I’m able to offer. I will update this post to indicate when the role has been allocated.

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