Infographic : Visualising Data is Ten Years Old

Infographic : Visualising Data is Ten Years Old

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of Visualising Data being a thing. A thing that thankfully continues to exist as a website, as an identity, and as a commercial enterprise.

There are lots of things going on right now, some of which are being pursued to effectively mark this anniversary year:

  • I’m working on a fresh redesign for the website, making it more mobile-centric in function. I will continue to try (at least) to better feed the blog with more varied and frequent postings!
  • I’m FINALLY finishing my long term project to visualise Seinfeld, with the extended delay in completing this due to some belated broadening of my ambitions for what the published outputs will look like. More on this soon.
  • I will be launching my new venture, the video/podcast series ‘Explore/Explain’, with Season 1 coming out in April.
  • I am officially starting my adjunct teaching at UCL, sharing the duty of teaching a Masters-level data visualisation module with the excellent Kyran Dale. I am also exploring similar opportunities with two further UK universities.
  • Alongside my ongoing private gigs, I will be continuing to offer public data visualisation training events around the world, and am looking forward to heading back to Australia and to the USA later in the year, as well as hopefully get out to New Zealand for the first time. Event number 300 is rapidly approaching!
  • Though my plans are very under-developed, I am potentially looking at options for creating an internship position, to provide me with extra support but mainly to give others who may be less fortunate than me a bit of a leg-up careers wise.
  • I will also be undertaking many more webinars, conference events, consultancy projects, and article-writing to keep flexing different brain muscles and to try stay as relevant as possible in an ever-growing field full of exceptional talent.

The fact that I have reached this landmark, and can hopefully look forward to another 10 years of not having to experience a communal workplace kitchen, is entirely due to the hundreds and thousands of supportive people – readers, sharers, followers, referrers, editors, publishers, peers, clients, delegates, friends, and family – who collectively make it possible for me to continue doing all this for a living.

I’m really very fortunate. Thank you to each and every one of you.

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