Map : Build maps with a drone – win up to $3,000

Map Info & Chart : Build maps with a drone – win up to $3,000

I thought you all might be interested in this contest my company (Hivemapper) is putting on: We’re looking for DJI pilots to try building a map at All you need to do is fly around any area you want to map and upload your video. It can be anything from a quick orbit around your house to covering an entire neighborhood with a waypoint planning app. For example, here is a [map of Rome]( that a Hivemapper user is actively building.

You can enter to win in 2 categories. $3,000 for building the largest map and 2 $1000 prizes will be awarded for “coolest map.” Check out out the blog post for full details and rules:


Hivemapper accounts are free and the contest will run until April 30, 2020. You probably won’t win with a simple orbit around your house (unless it’s a really, really cool house) but it’s one of the easiest ways to get started if you’re interested in using your drone to create 3D maps. We also have a ton of guides if you really want to get into it and go for the prize.

**How to build maps**

Great intro for how to building maps with your drone.


**What’s Hivemapper?**

Learn about Hivemapper in ~70 seconds




Full disclosure, I work at Hivemapper


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